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Read Through the Bible

By reading and studying the Bible we get to know and understand God better and learn of the inheritance we have now and in the world to come. We learn of the promises of God that are ours and how to obtain and appropriate them. It is through His Word (the Bible) God speaks to us concerning his will for our lives. By reading the Word of God we grow in practical and spiritual wisdom and understanding. God word is a comforter, it encourage us during hard times and it inspires and gives us the strength we need in order to fight our everyday battles. Scripture says that "The Word is like a lamp unto our feet" meaning it is our roadmap, just as a sea captain of a ship must rely on navigational charts in order to reach his destination, so is the Word of God to us the children of God. There is no problem that we encounter that God has not already given us the remedy for through His word. In His word, you can find the power to resist and avoid deception, fornication, adultery and many more temptations. The Bible also gives us the formula for finding true happiness and fulfillment in our lives.


Tips on Reading the Bible

1. Start today. 
2. Set aside a specific time each day.
3. Read because you want to learn.
4. Say a short prayer before you begin.
5. Meditate on what you have read. 

- Evangelist C. Edwards


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