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Bishop E.W Edwards

    Bishop E.W Edwards was born in Kingston Jamaica to Thelma and the late Ryland Edwards. At the tender age of 13 he was baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost. He became a very active young man in the youth ministry at Fellowship Apostolic Church where Bishop C.H. Barton is the Senor Pastor.


     He later migrated to the United States of America, where he met his soul mate Celina Joshua in Brooklyn, New York. Celina has stood with and supported him throughout many life transitions with unwavering support. Their union produced two children: Yasmin and Eveane. Although he was not always faithful to the Lord, God has been faithful to him.


     In 2001, Everell was appointed a minister at Center of Life Apostolic Ministries. After fulfilling his service as a minister, the Lord commissioned him to greater works. He answered the call to Pastoral Ministry in November 2002. It was then Channel of Blessings Outreach Apostolic Ministries (C.O.B.O.A.M.) was born. Since then Bishop E.W Edwards has traveled to England, Jamaica and many places throughout the United States preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

     In 2007 Bishop E.W. Edwards alongside Bishop Erroll Davidson founded the Coalition of Churches International (COCI). His passion for the Lord, coupled with his drive to effectively serve and lead God's people, led him to Liberty University, in May 2017, where he achieved a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religious Studies.


     As the Bishop of COBOAM G.A and Canada, he is cognizant of the awesome responsibilities that come with this assignment. Yet he remains undaunted because of a maxim by which he is guided: "Where God Guides, He Provides."  

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