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Coalition of Churches International

Coalition of Churches International (COCI) is a relational network of like-minded churches and church leaders. It is designed to provide spiritual guidance, ecclesiastical support, pastoral covering, and other resources to all its members.


COCI believes in the sovereignty of each local church. The coalition’s role is to provide spiritual guidance and ecclesiastical support to its members. Member churches and para-church organizations mutually agree to share in the vision and to have the covering of the coalition.

Terms of the Coalition:

The coalition of churches is a voluntary association does not assume responsibility for the actions of its members, and has no control over the actions of those members. Neither the coalition nor its officers and directors assume responsibility for matters that arise between pastors and their local churches or matters that arise within the local churches. The coalition retains the right to remove any member at any time when determined to be in the best interest of the coalition.

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